Prime ABS Weather-X 200

Is an acrylic capped co-extruded ABS sheet, which can be produced as a two or three multilayer composite. The acrylic cap imparts a very high gloss, vibrant colors with superior depth of image, excellent UV protection, chemical resistance, toughness and excellent formability.


The performance features of Prime ABS Weather-X 200 make it The material of choice for applications, including marine, personal watercraft, recreational vehicles, lawn/garden, building/construction and automotive accessories.


Surface Temp = 325-360?F Mold Temp = 150-175?F
De-mold @ 170?F
Mold shrink is .004-.008 in/in.

ABS may absorb greater amounts of radiant energy than acrylic; thus, surface temperatures may increase more rapidly. Care should be taken to maintain the surface temperature at 325°F-360°F to avoid blistering, burning and color/gloss shift of the acrylic cap.

Prime ABS Weather-X 200 can be joined using mechanical methods such as bolts, screws or clamps, or chemical methods such as cementing. When drilling co-extruded sheet with an acrylic modified drill bit, be sure to exit from the acrylic side but when drilling with a standard bit, be sure to have the bit exit from the substrate side. For accuracy and safety, Prime ABS Weather-X 200 should be clamped during drilling.

Colors, Textures and Capabilities

Prime ABS Weather-X 200 can be color matched to meet your specific requirements. The surface is typically high gloss but textures such as calf grain, H/C, F/L H/C, Levant 1 and Seville are available.

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