Prime Clear-X 200

Prime Clear-X 200 was designed and developed specifically for rigid packaging markets.

Prime Clear-X 200 offers a remarkable combination of toughness, clarity, stiffness, tear resistance, low stress whitening, cost and good hinge properties.


Ideal for applications such as:

  • Retail clam shell packaging
  • Electronics
  • Toys
  • Pharmaceutical, medical, personal care and consumer goods
  • Rated for medical tray applications (USP Class VI-500) and meets FDA regulation 21 CFR 166.1640


For the fabricator, Prime Clear-X 200 is easily and economically processed using conventional processing techniques. Options for part denesting include use of a silicone bath during sheet production or an internal denest additive.


Options for the joining and bonding of Prime Clear-X 200 include heat sealing, solvent bonding, ultrasonic welding and adhesive bonding. RF Welding is not recommended. Trim tooling should be sharp and clear of burrs for a clean cut. Dull trim tooling will result in "fuzz" trim. This product can be sterilized by three types of processes; Gamma, EtO, and E-Beam.

Colors, Textures and Capabilities

Prime Clear-X 200 is compatible with HIPS or GP carriers so it may be color matched to meet your specific requirements. Textures are available but smooth is the primary surface.

Prime Clear-X 200 Very High High Average
Impact Strength *
Low Temperature Impact Strength *
Tensile Strength *

Flexural Modulus *
Heat Deflection Temperature *
Property Test Method Value Unit
Tensile Strength *
D-638 4,600 psi
Elongation @ Break *
D-638 30 %
Flexural Strength *
D-790 7,000 psi
Flexurual Modulus *
D-790 250,000 psi
Instrumental Impact Total Energy
D-3763 81 ln/lbs
Vicat Softening Point *
D-1525 200 °F
Heat Deflection Temp. @ 66 psi Annealed *
D-648 170 °F
Mold Shrinkage *
D-955 0.004-0.007 ln/in
Specific Gravity
D-792 1.03 g/cc
Haze D-1003 3-4 %

Complies with FDA Regulation 21 CFR 177.1640

*Test results based on injection molded test bars.

All other property values are based on 0.030" extruded sheet.